What Makes You Happy?

I asked a group of women & men “What makes you happy?” the majority said their children, families and the quality time they spend with them. A smaller group said their work, friends and the city they lived in that fed them through social gatherings. Another group spoke of how secure they felt in their own physical world, their body (no matter what size), the freedom they felt and the feeling of certainty that brought them to successful relationships both in business and life.

When I looked at the demographics, income and lifestyle choices, married, single or divorced, what shocked me the most was the ability to pinpoint who was the most happiest. You know what I found out? The top 7% were happy because they were financially secure, felt secure within themselves and experience freedom as a lifestyle choice. My kind of people.

In 1998 when I decided to become an Entrepreneur and teach globally via the Internet and began my quest of learning programs, systems and tools that would enhance my ability to get my message out to the world, my Soul’s calling, I choose to focus on accelerating my reach by offering courses that would empower, uplift, bring clarity of mind and peace of heart to the people that I serve and most of all give you a taste of freedom. Most people once they taste this freedom they have a desire to receive more, consume more and then decided that it’s better to feast on income producing activities instead of time wasting activities that do not bring instant or long term results.

Every course that I put out, every event, retreat, program, mentoring training or certification program that has been created was created for you with one thing in my mind and with the fullness of my heart- to offer you freedom.

Last year I put out a course around this same time called “The Spiritual Currency of Money,” I only invited a small group of people to join, which I don’t usually do, but for whatever reason, I was compelled to do so. The women who joined were in debt, suffering from mental confusion due to the lack of clarity but most of all, they felt helpless under the control of money. Do you feel the same?

There was a point in my life when I felt helpless and hopeless, and it brought me to my knees, literally. (not a pretty picture, but one that brought me an awareness of my situation and kicked me hard in the butt to take action!) 

The results of the group that took the 7 Week Course ~ Spiritual Currency of Money? Miracles took place, phenomenal awakenings to what was needed to get clean and clear of the money issues that were plaguing them, reality struck a chord within them and I have to say, it has been one of my most successful online courses available. Then why did I release it to only a small group of people?

I did not believe in the course…
I did not know if I could teach these ancient teachings…
I did not know I could pull it off…
I did not know if I could guarantee results… (I do in ALL my courses, they are that good)
I did not know if the transformations would take place quickly…
I did not know if I could hold the energies of Spiritual Opulence for the group…
I did not know if I could do it…

But I did it anyways because somewhere deep inside me said YES! that this was a personal commitment that I had made to myself after becoming aware of the control and power money had over me and you ~  “To awaken women to the power money has over you and controls you without you even knowing it! Your emotions, mental and physical well being and health are all contributing factors of your financial landscape and most women do not even know what that looks like!”

I have brought some amazing women together to share with you what they have learned also to support you and guide you to understanding The Spiritual Currency of Money”

Tomorrow, July 31st 11:00am Eastern, I’d love for you to

join me in a money conversation.

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