Uncommon Conversation Understanding Today’s Spiritual Children

“An Awakened Woman Empowers her Children by Being Spiritually Awakened by Leading with Heart & Soul”

All children are Spiritual, so are you. Without Spirit animated inside of you, there is no life. Your Spirit guides, protects and communicates to you in a powerful yet gentle way, it is the voice within you to many call intuition. When you connect to this intuitive part of you, you listen from a place of curiosity and awareness. This awareness is from the heart, where great wisdom resides.

Today’s child is Spiritually Sensitive, we see this as global epidemic with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADD, ADHD, PSS, OCD, DID and what many Spiritual Specialist call Indigo & Crystal children. This is a global phenomenon, our species is advancing and moving into the next evolutionary stage of growth. This is a natural part of the evolutionary cycle on this planet and it’s not the first time that these Soul’s have brought their advanced minds and hearts with them. Our human intelligence needs a quantum leap into the Universal biosphere of

Uncommon Conversation #3
We have entered into the 5th world, 5th root race and 5th species of human on Earth. It is why you have been prepared for the last 25 years to think about and be exposed to the concept of the 5th dimension.

Since I was a child I thought, spoke and experienced a myriad of dimensional your pharmacies relationships, they have enriched my life and allow me to be connected to a much more developed landscape of reality than most people on the planet today. I have lived in the jungle alone, spoke to Elders not from this world and share in the concept of Oneness that permeates throughout the cosmos. A Universal understanding that we are all related, the seen and unseen worlds, this is my normal. This reality and relationship is what I teach at Soul Therapy School® to women from all over the world and in the future to their children. I share a new language of connectivity and wholeness, understanding one’s human experience and the conditioning that hides the truth of their own unique inner gifts.
Soul Therapy School® is based on wisdom teachings by developing a course of study of Evolutionary Education for Women who desire to be Spiritually Awakened.

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At Soul Therapy School®, a Spiritually Awakened Woman is empowered, conscious of her decisions, understands her value in the world, collaborates and does not compete with other women. She embodies her virtues and lives by them. She nurtures the people in her life and supports their greatest attributes and gifts, recognizing that community is a necessity for sustainable growth.

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