Hawaii, Big Island Wild Dolphin Experience

 Hawaii Dolphin Retreat

Are you seeking to rejuvenate your emotional heart and physical body?

Wanting to explore your receptivity to be in the “flow”?

Create space in your life to explore the playful side of nature while swimming in the ocean with wild dolphins and their newborn babies.

This August we will journey to the Big Island of Hawaii to experience the power of an ancient culture, steeped in the wisdom of the Earth. I have found that the power in Hawaii is unlike anywhere else I have ever explored. She is raw, powerful, delicate, mysterious and incredibly beautiful. Hawaii always leaves me feeling refreshed, renewed and in a much higher vibration while being grounded in my heart.

Would you like to join us this August?

Hawaiian Dolphins & Babies

Deborah Skye swam with wild dolphins for the first time on her sixteenth birthday while sailing through the Florida Keys with her family. In her early twenties while living in Australia she went through many initiations working with the star nations of Sirius and the Pleiades, it was at this time when she recognized the patterns of sonic telepathic communication with this species and earnestly began her research into all things to do with the human-dolphin connection. At this time she was living in Melbourne and to get closer to the ocean moved to a small town in Adelaide. It was a one minute walk to the sand and water. She earnestly began to meditated with the rising sun and setting sun, her dedication to sun gazing led to exploring ranges of synchronized mediation that she had never experienced before. Her world became entrenched into a two and a half month ritual of preparing for an initiation in Uluru, the sacred grounds of the Aboriginal and the star nations.

What does this have to do with you and this retreat to Hawaii?

The Big Island is a gateway, there are 3 portals on the planet that openly activate multi-sensory awakenings, one is Adelaide, the location where Deborah Skye lived, another is located on the Big Island and the 3rd in another part of the world. She has lived in two of these locations, prior to moving to Australia she lived in Hawaii and in Vancouver.

“Dolphins have been around for 25 million years and probably have teaching stories that go way back to the first tribes in Mali, Africa.” -John C Lily Dolphin Pioneer

“Aristotle, around 400 BC said, “the voice of the dolphin in air is like the voice of the human in pronouncing vowels and combination of vowels, but he can’t pronounce consonants.”  But we found that the consonants are the supersonic or ultra sonic frequencies, beyond human hearing.”

Hawaiian Dolphins & BabyDolphins consciously breath, humans involuntarily – meaning they regulate their brain rhythm and consciousness activating systems around them that are lower in frequency and connectivity to higher dimensional frequencies and attunement. When we swim with dolphins the frequency of the dolphins harmonize our equilibrium; mentally, emotionally and physically.


Dolphins brains are much larger than human brains, they set off a vibration that accessing the pineal and pituitary glands which heightens spiritual connection and attunes and individual to a harmonic frequency that rebalance, organs, bones, muscles and brain activity. Think of it this way, we are made of mostly water, you swim in water with an ancient evolved species that works off of sonics and you body absorbed their intelligent frequency from them. Dolphins are hyper sensitive to your needs and know how to heal intentionally, they are brilliant masters at healing the physical and neurological aspects of one’s being.

Here are some facts that she has found fascinating about dolphins and you might too.

Dolphins activate DNA to heal via spiral audio aquatics, both bio-acoustically and electromagnetically.

“What makes dolphins exceptional in therapeutic fields,” explains Rene, “is the use of their sonar with which they echolocate their prey. There is evidence that dolphins trigger the healing process in humans by boosting the production of T-cells and endorphins. After patient and dolphin interactions, scientists have measured a far greater harmony between the left and right sides of the brain.” He informs that dolphins produce an intense amount of echolocation energy, which resonates in the bones, such as the skull and the sternum, and then travels up the spine.

Many therapists believe,” says Amanda Green, a marine biologist, “that a dolphin’s sonar causes a phenomenon called cavitation inside the soft body tissue of the human body. It precipitates a ripping apart of the molecules.” So, if sonar does that with cellular membranes, it could completely change the biomolecular structure. She adds, “many hospitals already use a lithotripsy machine that uses low frequency sound waves to break up kidney stones and gall stones. The physics of that machine are not different from a dolphin’s sonar.”

When you encounter a wild dolphin in open waters, something breaks open the conditioned seals of your heart. “Dolphins make you feel accepted as you are, with unconditional love,” explains Amanda. This, she feels, leads to a profound inner peace that reaches out to embrace the universe. In scientific terms, this is biophillia, the transformative power that links you to nature, and, going by recent research, dolphins could be the most powerful carriers of this emotion. (source)

Humans can learn to use sonic vibration to heal and evolve their species identification, meaning that close encounters with wild dolphins can activate latent DNA that is still rendering actualization of it’s own evolutionary development. When advanced forms of communication zolpidemsleep interact with particles in the membranes of human, their capacity to receive and retain large volumes of data is contained within the conscious mind. This can and has evolved species throughout time, activating latent genes and receptors that are viable resources to utilize more than the current five senses that most people use daily.

The vision is to open up your multi-sensory perception and awareness of an ancient technology with your heart, body, mind and spirit.

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Being in the presence of a pod of dolphins transmits ancient stories from within the heart of Mother Earth.

A very interesting mythological story about whales and dolphins concerns a tribe in west Africa called the Dogon of Mali. The Dogon, whose culture is alive and well today, at one time lived on the southern coast of the Mediterranean. They have many religious and creation beliefs which very much involve the whales and dolphins. They have perpetuated these beliefs in their religious ceremonies and in the form of sand drawings.

Dolphin Mama & BabyIn their basket weaving’s they had 50.8 divisions, the reason for which is that they had quite specific knowledge of the Sirius star system which is a binary star system. They understood how Sirius B, the white dwarf, moved around the main bright star Sirius A. They used sand drawings to illustrate the orbital paths of the stars. The white dwarf Sirius B takes 50.8 years to complete an orbit of Sirius A. The Dogon knew this.

Sirius B, the white dwarf, is not visible using a telescope whereas radio astronomy allows one to hear Sirius B. Arthur C. Clark simply said to Temple, “You would be interested in the Dogon.” Richard Temple began research on the Dogon and discovered how much knowledge the Dogon had of the Sirius Star System. He then went on to spend seven years of his life with the Dogon and wrote a book called ‘The Sirius Mystery’.

When Temple went to meet the Dogon he asked, “How did you get this knowledge?” The Dogon’s answer was very simple. They said, “These creatures came from the star Sirius, landed in the ocean and were in the form of amphibians, whales and dolphins. They gave us the knowledge about the Sirius star system.”

The ancient Celts attributed the dolphin with well-worship and the healing powers of water, and the image of people riding dolphins is seen on some Celtic artifacts. Some Australian Aboriginal tribes claim to be direct descendants of dolphins, who are sometimes regarded as guardian spirits. The dolphin is also an important symbol in heraldry, the art of creating coats-of-arms, and represents diligence, salvation, charity and love.

Wyndham Resort, Kona Big Island

Hawaii Resort

Arrival dinner at our hotel to meet all the ladies and connect for introduction on this gorgeous island.

 Hawaii Puuhonua-O-Honaunau-National-Historical-Park

Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park

Spiritual center of the ancient ali’i (royals) today we will take an adventure to this mystical location to give respect and feel into the ancient Hawaiian legends in this sacred grounds. It is also home to the honu, the revered green sea turtles.

Hawaii Beaches

Wild Dolphin Snorkling Adventure With Newborn Babies!


Hawaiian Dolphins & Baby


Deborah Skye has set up 3-5 days of snorkeling out in the ocean with a wild dolphin pod. This is also the time of year when baby dolphins are being born. That is why she has chosen these dates, to correlate with the vibration of the new baby dolphins and to be open in the experience of seeing the behavior and activity of the dolphins.
Hawaiian Dolphins & Babies

Puako Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve

Pauko Petroglyphs 3

There are always transformations that take place in accordance with the group soul dynamics that Deborah Skye follows on each of her retreats. For this reason, there will be no set itinerary for you to follow. She leaves open the expectation of what you believe you will receive to giving you an experience that could not be set in stone, Spirit flows through you during her retreats and this is who is met upon arrival and each day. That part of you that is alive and awakened, so that you too can be consciously met to engage in the beauty of your Soul. 

Your 9 day Hawaiian retreat will feature these things listed below and more. *All preconceptions of what makes a spiritual sacred journey will be explored in detail allowing you ample of time/space to ground into the powerful vortex of energy that is presented on the Big Island, where the Goddess Pele resides.

* Arrival dinner & dancing

3-5 days of wild dolphins snorkeling in the ocean with their newborn babies.

(depending on weather and availability for the 5 days)

3 days sacred site journeys to epic locations that are spiritual places of ceremony.

Trip to the petroglyphs, one of the largest petroglyph fields in Hawaii (223 acres)

Hiking & Guided Meditations

Trips into town, dinners in the village and by the water.

Evening Laua!

Hawaii August Dolphin Retreat

All Rooms Are Sold Out

 What is included:

Hotel, transportation to sacred sites, all dolphin journeys,

evening gatherings and seminars with guest expert.

(This is a $5000 trip- made available for $3500) 

Airfare, spa treatments, transportation from airport,

all personal travels into town or around island, all beverages, food and alcohol.

*Travel insurance is mandatory to get when you book your airline tickets.

You will fly into Kona Airport on the 21st of August to arrive at hotel for check in is at 4pm, dinner will be at 6pm. Check out time is 10:00am on August 30th.

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