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Courageous Souls DoorwayEnter Into & Embrace the Spiritual Vortex of Divine Supportive Energy That Awaits You in Peru This Year!

Deepen Your Relationship by Awakening Your Soul To Her Divinity, Empower Your Purpose, Enhance Your Business with Spiritual Branding Power & Open Yourself Up To Remembering Your Soul Gifts. Children will be learning the Sacred Ways of our Earth’s Medicine via local arts and crafts, horseback riding, song, dance, yoga and storytelling.

“Embracing Earth’s Medicine In the Sacred Valley of Our Ancestors”

An Invitation for Women and their Children (ages 9 and up)

November 11th – Pisac Urumbumba Valley

– 5:00pm Arrival Welcome Dinner underneath the Milky Way!

– 8:00pm Sound Healing Ceremony – Inner Chambers of Light

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5:00pm – Arrival Dinner underneath the Milky Way!

– 8:00pm Tipi Sound Healing Ceremony – Inner Chambers of Light

November 12th – Pisac Ancient Spiritual Guides Sun Cere

– 6:00am Kundalini Yoga & Vibrational Sound Current

– Breakfast 7:00am till 9:00am.

– 10:00am Sacred Site of Pisac with Incan Shaman for a full days adventure in one of the most gorgeous places in Pisac!

– Meditation at Temples: Calling In Your Ancient Spirit Guides

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– 6:00am Kundalini Yoga & Vibrational Sound Current

– Breakfast 7:00am till 9:00am.
– 10:00am Sacred Site of Pisac with Incan Shaman for a full days adventure in one of the most gorgeous places in Pisac!
– Meditation at Temples: Calling In Your Ancient Spirit Guides

– Afternoon Lunch in Pisac Village
– Spend the afternoon in Pisac Market shopping

– Afternoon Lunch in Pisac Village

– Spend the afternoon in Pisac Market shopping

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November 13th – Moray Sound Healing with Shamans moray sound healing

– 6:00am Kundalini Yoga with Vibrational Sound Current

– 7:00am – 9:00am – Breakfast

-10:00am Moray Sound Healing Circle with Crystal Bowls at Salinas de Maras with Dennis, Shamans Don Fransisco & Juanita

– Dinner in Sacred Valley

Machu-Picchu-Epic-ShotNovember 14 – Machu’ Pic’chu Ancient City of Lights

– 6:00am Bus to Machu’ Pic’chu Train Station in Ollyotambo
– 7:00am- 8:30am Breakfast in Olloytambo
– Amazing Train Journey to Machu’ Pic’chu, the view is spectacular!
– Day at Machu’ Pic’chu, Ancient City of Light
– Global Meditation in Machu’ Pic’chu: Activating Earth’s Medicine for Humanities Sacred Soul Awakening
– Sacred Sound Vibration Healing in an Ancient Sound Chamber Oscillating In Parallel Realities. Learn how to create an alignment inside your body to activate anywhere, anytime to bring awareness and a powerful presence to creating your desires in the world. Powerful manifestation techniques will be taught to you while inside Machu’ Pic’chu.
– DNA activation of the 13th codon.
– Dinner in Aguas Caliente’s
– Overnight at Hotel in Aguas Calientes, Machu’ Pic’chu


November 15 – Machu’ Pic’chu Water Ceremony

– Breakfast at Hotel

– 9:00am Walk to Mandor Waterfalls

– Meditation of Healing Waters, Sacred Song & Drum by River
– Train back to Olloytambo – Lunch in Village Square
– Back to Hotel in Pisac, Urumbumba Valley
– 3 Course Dinner at our Hotel

November 16th – Quecha Women’s Weaving Collective – Chinchero

– Amazing day traveling to Chinero to the local Women’s Chinchero womens collective weavingQuecha Weaving Collective from Chinchero. Incredibly famous market with local artisans work to purchase in the afternoon.

– 7:00pm Gong Bath in Circular Conference Room – Sacred Group Ceremony & Ancient Vibrational Alignment

– 9:00pm Group Past Life Regression

November 17 – Sweat Lodge Ceremony -Earth Medicine Sacred Day – Sacred Valley

– 9am – 4pm Lakota Sweatlodge

-Horseback riding for children

– 3 Course Dinner at Hotel

-Evening Storytelling in the Tipi, Sacred Meditation with Breathing Techniques Synchronizing Earth’s Heart Vibration.

Peru Pisac Tipi

November 18th – Earth Medicine Sacred Day – Sacred Valley

– 6:00am Sacred Sound Healing & Ancient StarPower* Activation of the 13 Dimensions with Deborah Skye

-7:00am-9:00am Organic Breakfast

10:00am Sacred Earth Medicine with local Peruvian Woman

Early Afternoon Integration & Preparation for Evening Deep Soul Renewal & Awakening: Sacred Medicine Ceremony (optional)

November 19Cusco Free Day at Qurikancha Temple of the Sun

7:00-9:00am Breakfast at Hotel
11:00am Travel to Cusco
Free Afternoon to walk around Cusco & Visit Temple of the Sun
6:00pm Dinner with Group & Evening Ceremony

November 19th – Cusco Free Day at Qurikancha, Temple of the Sun

– Relaxing day in and around Cusco

– Dinner in San Blas

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Cusco Free Day at Qurikancha, Temple of the Sun

November 20th – Quillarumiqoq & Coricancha Elongated Skulls with Brien Forester

-7:00am-8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Bus to Cusco

10:00am Brien Forester Quillarumiyoq archaeological site and go see the elongated skulls at the Coricancha.

Quillarumiyoc was a very important religious ceremonial center in the Pampa of Anta, way to the Chinchaysuyo where the Andean priests (pacos) rendered worship to their deities according to the observation, to the studies and analysis of the architecture, the use and the function of all the group of evidences or wakas of this cultural attraction.

It is said that the Temple of the Moon at Quillarumiyoq is a feminine site used for initiation rites.

Dinner in Cusco

November 21st – Ancient Gate of the Sun – Megalithic Temple Site + Elongated Skulls Museum with Brien Forester
Elongated Head Andahuaylillas\

Quillarumiyoq archaeological site and go see the elongated skulls at the Coricancha

Andahuaylillas Museum, outside Cusco (1 hour drive) to visit the human/hybrid baby skeleton, that was all over the media last year, and see the mountain where it was found, mysteriously called Wiracochan (“where the creators descended”). The museum also houses spiral carvings and unusual ancient art. We also visit the ancient Gate of the Sun, a megalithic site made long before the Inca existed. This museum and site are rarely visited on organised tours. Free afternoon in Cuzco. Evening lecture by Hugh Newman about ‘Earth Grids and Geomancy’. Overnight Cuzco.

November 22

-Breakfast at hotel

– Travel to Airport for return home

Have You Been Spiritually Called To Machu Pic’chu?

Many people are, they feel a strong inner urge, a spiritual calling to return to Machu Pic’chu and experience her brilliance and power. For most, it is a return to their Spiritual Power- a deep connection to the unity of their life force and recalibration to understanding their life’s purpose. There are specific astrological alignments and energy vortex’s that are very powerful yet very feminine in her energy igniting a delicate balance between intuition, opening up your psychic gifts and becoming aware of your past life experiences that gave you insight into your future destiny. Your Sacred Journey experience in Peru will provide you with incredible vibrant energy to focus on your goals, achieve inner peace and discover many new parts of yourself that were asleep.

Deborah Skye King

Deborah Skye King Business Holistic Fashionista New Years Eve Peru 2014World’s Leading Authority on Soul Therapy, Future Theorist, Expert & Specialist on Parallel Realities + Shamanic Goddess

33 years of documented research dedicated to Earth’s and Humanities Ancient Origins, with 30 years of leading, exploring and teaching at Sacred Temples and Ceremonial Centers around the world. Deborah Skye’s abilities to merge and connect with multi-dimensional planes of realities while communicate to the Ancients at Sacred Sites is legendary. She moves in between worlds to connect you to your ancestors, your core truth and your future self in all of her possibilities.

She will invoke messages throughout the journey of interstellar relationships of each site and messages from the Elder Nations – the Ancients of each site to better know yourself, your Earth mission and how to live your soul purpose.
Deborah Skye will be leading Shamanic Initiation throughout the 10 Days presenting talks on Past Lives, Parallel Realities and how to harness your Soul gifts to live in harmony + empowered.

Deborah Skye is the author of the upcoming book on Soul Immersions: The Evolution of our Species & The New Earth Energies

You can view Deborah Skye’s work here

with Special Guest Brien Foerster

Brien Foerster Peru 300x225 New Years Eve Peru 2014Ancient Alien Technology Researcher & Author

Author of 13 Books and featured on History Channel’s famed, Ancient Aliens, Brien specializes in ancient technologies, in particular, elongated heads found throughout the world. Brien will be leading us on a 2 day journey into temples in the Sacred Valley and power spots that are only known by locals and Shaman’s of the area. We are going to be exploring advanced technologies that are left to this day to reveal the power behind our ancestors pre dating the Incan empire. . Brien has learned that many of the ancient megalithic sites, including Machu Picchu were not made by the Inca, some 600 to 1000 years ago, but mysterious people who predated the Inca by 10,000 years or more. We will be exploring the ancient civilization of Atlantis, Mu – Lemuria. Brien has been on 9 episodes of Ancient Aliens.

You can view Brien’s work here.

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