Mercury Retrograde How You Get Stuck & Live In Fear

Mercury Retrograde VirgoI began studying planetary cycles in my early teens; how I was behaving, thinking and feeling during specific cycles, especially mercury retrogrades.
Why may you ask? To understand how the electromagnetic resonance of the planets affected my own magnetic receptors within my body that had a corresponding relationship to each planet. Your emotional body which includes your organs, blood, nervous system and neurons in your brain, all respond and has a correlation to the external properties that make up the universal influx and flow of creation. You, being part of that creation that is tuned to the environment in which you live in, seen or unseen.

Our being human is designed to be in wholeness to every living thing on Earth and in the cosmos.

Mercury Retrograde, It’s Back!
Mercury is a delight, most would disagree, as it will bring up every core issue that has yet to be healed, understood or mastered. Mercury brings out the victim or victor, depending on your mastery of self.
Each mercury retrograde will get more intense and harder with core lessons returning each cycle to remind you to clear out and refine what is not yet learned. It is an opportunity for second chances by making wiser decisions and choosing a different way to respond to your life circumstances and not reacting to what you may think you have no control over.
We entered into pre-shadow mercury retrograde cycle August 10th, Mercury will be in direct retrograde from August 31- September 23 in Virgo (watch how you think and what is thinking you into victim or victor mentality), time to organize, improve what you have not done to the best of your ability, that also means asking for others to help you if your best is not achieving what you desire. Collaborate and call on all guides and helpers to clear up your perspective of how life is not treating you well, summon up the Gods/Goddess of old to remove the shadow of doubt and fire up your inner muse to get things working the way you really fully desire and want. Time is an illusion here, so don’t get caught up in thinking, I should of, could of, would of, if only when….syndrome. Do it now and do it with passion. Let the shadow of your illusions fuel your desires to manifest and create exactly what you want. Did I mention that Mercury shows you the exact thing you don’t want to see or feel?
Mercury retrogradeYup, shadow, and wounds CAN be painful but they don’t have to, they can be fun and wise and healing. So, make it fun this mercury retrograde and observe who you are, how you think, why and what you are thinking and where is it coming from?  
When in mercury retrograde and acting from your heart and spirit, being present and conscious you will learn more about yourself than any other time throughout the year.  Mercury’s shadow effect is a blessing in disguise.
You can swear out loud now, scream, hid underneath the covers or be in tears.  It’s not going to change the fact that you need to take a close look at where you are making excuses in your life, where you hide and what are the unconscious patterns that rule your emotions?  Is it worth hiding from, nope? Is it unconscious- you bet it is. Are you in denial, yup. Are you in fear? Yes.
Now, if you are reacting from your wounds, unhealed unconscious needs then Mercury will kick you in the ass, hard. You will feel and become a victim and feel onhealthy powerless and hopeless. Not a fun place to be. You will know if it’s a mercury retrograde cycle wounding when you find yourself repeating parts of your character and life circumstances over and over again. Are you done yet playing this old part of self?
Saturn The Elder: Clearly Highlighting The Ego
Now Saturn retrograde is another creature altogether. Saturn is the elder of the planets – there is no remorse for Saturn, it’s truth smacked in your face.
Facing your fears is what Saturn does best and shows you what you need to DO. Yes, you will feel very uncomfortable in your body, know why? It’s because you are not taking responsibility for your happiness, joy, passion, finances, love, health, peace of mind, etc. Anything that you are not being fully responsible for will whisper to you when you least expect it and haunt you. Saturn is pretty amazing at this, being responsible to self and to holding true to your destiny. Yup, the big D word. Destiny will show you what you are missing and not embrace as your own reality. Saturn will ask for you to be honest with yourself and to hold dear to your heart your truth.
What’s that? Oh, you thought you could evade taking responsibility for your life, health, wealth, happiness?Mercury retrograde hide Nope, these things are real and are asking for your 100% dedication and for you to interact consciously with your responsibilities to bring to you the life you actually want, by your own doing. Ah…that is the kicker. You might have thought that life was going to be handed to you, your health, no matter what you eat, or don’t eat. Those emotions you have suppressed? Nah, best not to feel them right now, too busy, so shove them away, put them in your back pocket and deal with them when you have time. Time? Yes, when you have time. Didn’t anyone ever let you in on the secret that time is made-up, it’s not real, it regulates and constricts your mind to make you feel hopeless and out of control? Um, nope. Saturn will do this to you, remove and open up unconscious beliefs and rip them right off- leaving you to clean up what’s underneath. The lies that you’ve been told and hold onto dearly so that you don’t feel the ripple effect of being uncomfortable. 
Saturn is the slayer of time – what can you now take responsibility of that you feigned to realize or not do that can make all the difference in your current situation that has been hanging around in the closet that needs to be mended, repaired or taken care of?
Here is a great question to ask yourself:
1. What have you not done that you want to do?
2. What have you not put your absolute love and passion into creating? Detail what it feels like and what your outcome will be IF you did do/live this.
3. What have you been lazily NOT doing thinking things will turn out the way you want them to with 10% of your full participation? Be gut wrenching honest with yourself.
4. What have you not done to make it happen? Did your thougths or actions sabotage your success? Did you meditate like you said you would?
Whatever it is that you have yet to do or be, do it now. Don’t turn back and hide in a corner, release your pride and get on with it! GROW…..


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  1. This article brings clarity to not only what I have been experiencing, but my friends and clients as well. Planetary alignments are there to support growth and awakening and learning these specifics helps tremendously. It’s such an gift to read exactly what is going on so I can make a conscious choice to become the victor in my own life, as well as support others in it. Thank you Skye for sharing this!

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