Getting Out Of Scarcity Thinking: Enter Flow

 I know Tony’s story, it’s bold and raw. For this reason he is able to transform and support so many people through out the world from blue collar workers to world leaders on how to make the shift from logic to knowing to doing exactly what is right. Right for the personal liberation in the moment. For those who have experienced this elation of giving without any attachment to a return, you know exactly what I am talking about. For those who don’t this is for you.

Going against logical thinking is what makes great leadership.

Tony’s knows this first hand, as do I. Scarcity thinking will lead you to small thinking (being needy and selfish) to one that steps far beyond logic and moves with spirit and flow.
I teach this to the women at Soul Therapy School®, how to trust the flow of life. It is with an open mind and heart that you can expand your ability to receive, when you give up the story of lack and limitation: scarcity mentality.
I get emails daily of breakthroughs that were seen as not possible, after a Soul Therapist Session, those impossibilities become reality. It’s easier to be in flow than not to be in flow. One provides calamity and rejection of flow; the other receives and is provided for. 
Where would you say you are from a scale of 1-10 of flow?
Watch Tony below tell a personal story demonstrating a great example from his own life experience, of the difference and the outcome for him in the experience. Remember, this happens every day- you ability to be open to flow or not, it’s always your choice.
It’s the same as saying, the glass is half full, (scarcity thinking) or is it?
Love to hear your comments below!

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