Generational Healing®

 The time is ripe to go deeper into your Spiritual Self Mastery than you ever have before. You want to know how to harness your healing abilities and open up to new dimensions of awareness.

You desire to learn how to heal at the very core of the DNA, see into new dimensions, connect in multiple realms and hear the body’s intelligence. You are seeking a mentor to apprentice with, someone who has the experience, knowledge, and wisdom to take you by the hand and show you how to open up your Spiritual Gifts to the world. That opportunity has come.

Deborah Skye King is a Wisdom Keeper, Medicine Woman and Master Healer who has done over 40 initiations at sacred sites around the world for 33 years.  She leads women to self-mastery by releasing past generational imprinting and core conditioning that stops the flow of their own inner toponlinelexapro power and creation fields of manifestation.

For the very first time, she is accepting students to be mentored in her apprenticeship training program to learn advanced healing and wisdom teachings that have not yet been shared with the public. These techniques and advanced methods are not taught in any other programs that she offers nor have they been shared with the public in any way, they are sacred wisdom teachings and advanced techniques that she has been trained in by her own teachers for the past forty years.

She is inviting you to join her on a personal Spiritual Quest for 13 Mystical Initiations opening up your potential as a Healer and Spiritual Guide for the future of humanity.

To learn more about how you can join the apprenticeship training program, please fill out the information below to qualify for an interview. Protection Status