Financial Depression ~ Experiencing The Emotional Limitation of Your Spiritual Potential

Uncommon Conversation with Deborah Skye King

Experiencing The Emotional Limitation of Your Spiritual Potential

Running on empty? Feeling discouraged, frustrated, stressed and emotionally drained? Finances have been hardwired into your DNA as a set point of how valued you are by society, systems, family and friends. Or so you think. Truth is, money does not exist, it’s a made up commodity to regulate your emotional body responses and reaction to your spiritual well being.

Yes..I said it out loud. Read that sentence again and again and again. Money is a Spiritual Currency, a vibration and leverage point to regulate your nervous system, blood flow, harmonizing your left and right hemispheres of the brain, oscillating between your heart rhythm and your physical well being.

* When you lack money and want to do something and can’t, your feelings of unworthiness show up, you blame outside sources and yet take no action to change the situation feeling powerless or going into denial about your inability to manifest.

* You’ve been dreaming about going on a vacation or joining a retreat that will enhance your life in some special way, you feel terrible that you cannot go. You feel unworthy of receiving such a powerful experience and you don’t know how you will ever accomplish this vision or goal. Your thoughts repeatedly tell you that you will not be able to do it because and what if’?,sound familiar? The scenarios that are created in your mind are harbingers of fear, emotionally suppressing your desires to experience something that will benefit you. Finances are always the culprit to blame, or are they?

* When you want to join a program yet your first thought is, money. “Can I afford it, will I be able to make the payments, phentermine will I be stretching myself financially and won’t be able to make back the bank payments or credit card?” Being financially free means you first think about your Spiritual Well Being before you think about your ability to afford something based on finances. Taking a strong stance for your overall well being can and may push you beyond your current comfort zone of what you think is possible.

When money becomes the dominating force behind all your decision making and STOPS you from experiencing something you truly desire, your experiencing a financial depression energetically. Your vibration shifts into a lower frequency that shows up energetically around your forehead, your back, your heart and your base chakra. Having back pain lately, headaches, digestive problems?

Your physical ailments are you spiritual symptoms.

* When you feel anxious, stressed and anxiety due to money, your spiritual contribution to the world is being suppressed. I want you to take a moment and really feel this out. When you are unable to fully live from your heart, share your purpose and express your Spiritual Body’s Truth, you lack integrity to your humanity.

Is there a solution to understanding, implementing and removing the blocks from mental limitations that are imploding my emotional body creating a chasm between my physical reality and spiritual desires? Yes, there is. During I give a simple yet profoundly affective technique to shift immediately your emotional discordance in relationship to your mental projection of what you think and feel money is to you.

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  1. Wonderful! My number was first $4,000 but then immediately $40,000 was spit out right away after that. Emotion: relief…..

  2. Thank you for this conversation. For me around 5000 dollars/month from doing something I like makes me feel freedom/fulfilled/expansive/in flow.

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