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Awakening Your Divine Feminine Power Within By Embodying Your Courageous Soul

The Women’s Global Initiative Invites You To

Re-Write Your Story From The Soul Level!

Courageous Souls Day 1 Retreat

New Weekend Retreat 2019

What IF you could change your story, re-write it in a way that serves your higher purpose and claims your ability to nurture the parts of you that you that have been abused, judged, hidden, shamed, felt depressed and isolated by the story that holds you tight to limitation and lack mentality? Lack of love, lack of money, lack of resources, lack of healthy relationships, lack of self love? How do you think you will feel if you turned your story from the Soul Level? Taking the shame, guilt, isolation, pain and suffering into a WHOLE NEW experience and relationship- one that you have never even thought of?

Absolutely Fantastic: Self Love and Self Acceptance Is The KEY To Claiming Your Power!

This Is How You Will FEEL & What You Will EXPERIENCE

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Week 11 Invite Sacred Retreat

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*Early Bird $997.00

Blue Mountain Trails

You Will Receive Love, Support, Compassion, Honesty, Truth,

Confidence, Courage, Hope + Freedom From Your Past Stories


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Courageous Stories


The Women’s Global Initiative Workbook empowers you to Listen to your Heart Song, created for you to embrace your Courageous Soul by Re-Writing Your Story From Grief To Glory. You will be writing in this Soul Journal throughout the weekend, sharing your ideas, insights and revelations along with having a “keep sake” to take home with you.

Powerful, magnetic, insightful writing while enforcing the DNA of your body to realign herself towards your beautiful future that will be carved out for you during your 3-Day Retreat in the Mountains.

Deborah Skye desires you to not only have a phenomenal experience, but to bring the experience home with you. Your personal Soul Journal will provide that for you, a hands on practical role and application in producing powerful boundaries around what you have written, intentionally prescribed to complete during your next 90 days after your Courageous Souls Retreat.


Deborah Skye King Soul TherapistDeborah Skye King is the Worlds Leading Authority on Soul Therapy and is North America’s #1 Soul Therapist. She is a Bestselling Author and International Speaker on Empowering Female Entrepreneurs Globally through her mentoring programs and invigorating retreats in Bali and Mexico for Spiritually Empowered Female Entrepreneurs. Deborah Skye is the creator of The Spiritual Currency of Money & StarPower* System for Female Entrepreneurs providing business breakthroughs with rapid results, radical shifts in mindset, integrating spirituality with core values, empowering female entrepreneurs to take bold strides in soulful marketing approaches that enable her clients globally to live in freedom and serve the world from a courageous place of confidence and clarity.

Her Soul Engagement Principles for Female Entrepreneurs is regarded as the top program of choice for Heartfelt & Soul Empowered Women Globally who are seeking a Coach who embodies the marketing, mindset and spirituality to empower them to success in life and business. 14 years of online marketing, branding, SEO, website design, creating high end programs for her clients, product launches and building their list, Deborah Skye provides a spiritual connection that brings a whole new insight to how she teaches her clients to market. Deborah Skye is sought out globally by women who are ready to embody their purpose, create a successful internet business and lead a life of financial and emotional wealth.

Gorgeous Location + Beautiful Serene Environment!


Westin Blue Mountain

Hotels + Condos During Your Stay

Use for Hotels & for Flights does not charge you immediately for many hotels,

you can book today and pay later at the hotel at the end of your Retreat.

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Early Bird Pricing $997.00

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How To Get Here

You will fly into Toronto International Pearson Airport*

and/or you can fly into Collingwood Regional Airport

Collingwood Map

You can rent a car at the Airport to get around which would be the best, they are all equipped with GPS and the directions are super easy to get here, as you can see from the map above. Ride sharing with others who are coming to the retreat and meet at the Airport can be an option.

Airport Taxi:

Bus: Summerbound Ontario offers Shuttle Service from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to the Blue Mountain Resort Area. For more information, visit the Summerbound Ontario web site or call 1-888-286-4528 or locally from Blue Mountain (705) 445-5267.

ALL details and suggestions of Hotel, Car Rental, What To Bring, How To Prepare, will all be sent out to you after you secure your spot by purchasing your ticket to this incredible and powerful life changing 2 Day Retreat to Re-Write Your Story From Grief To Glory!

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