Are You Seeking A Spiritual Mentor & Guide?

We all need guidance and support in our lives, if we did not, we would be experiencing this human life alone, not with 7 billion other people. Every successful person you admire, seen, read and heard about that has a lifestyle that you desire has … [Read more...]

Why I Love Ovulating + Why You Should Too a Time Of Honoring

Primal Sexuality & Spirituality Goes Deep During Ovulation There are 3 phases during ovulation and it's wonderful if yourself and mate understand what these emotions are and why they show up within a couple of days from each other, polar … [Read more...]

Are You Looking For Rainbows?

I drove down the road and spotted the sun bursting through the grey clouds, it had just poured rain and the thunder cleared the static energy. I started to get excited and the little girl inside of me started grinning from ear to ear, I started to … [Read more...] Protection Status