Financial Depression ~ Experiencing The Emotional Limitation of Your Spiritual Potential

Experiencing The Emotional Limitation of Your Spiritual Potential Running on empty? Feeling discouraged, frustrated, stressed and emotionally drained? Finances have been hardwired into your DNA as a set point of how valued you are by society, … [Read more...]

Uncommon Conversation Understanding Today’s Spiritual Children

"An Awakened Woman Empowers her Children by Being Spiritually Awakened by Leading with Heart & Soul" All children are Spiritual, so are you. Without Spirit animated inside of you, there is no life. Your Spirit guides, protects and communicates … [Read more...]

Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet – 18 Things You Do Not Know About Me…

I've been holding back and sitting in the Spiritual Closet, but now I am coming out and I want to share some qualities, abilities and what I call, gifts (we all have them at some level) that I am. My clients who work very close with me know some of … [Read more...]

Why I Love Ovulating + Why You Should Too a Time Of Honoring

Primal Sexuality & Spirituality Goes Deep During Ovulation There are 3 phases during ovulation and it's wonderful if yourself and mate understand what these emotions are and why they show up within a couple of days from each other, polar … [Read more...]

10 Rules for Emerging Women Leaders

By Tabby Biddle I’m not a fan of war, never have been, never will be. Ever since I was a little girl war has baffled me. It never made sense to me how anyone could think that war was beneficial. I saw the destruction of other people and other … [Read more...] Protection Status