Mercury Retrograde How You Get Stuck & Live In Fear

I began studying planetary cycles in my early teens; how I was behaving, thinking and feeling during specific cycles, especially mercury retrogrades.   Why may you ask? To understand how the electromagnetic resonance of the planets affected … [Read more...]

Getting Out Of Scarcity Thinking: Enter Flow

 I know Tony's story, it's bold and raw. For this reason he is able to transform and support so many people through out the world from blue collar workers to world leaders on how to make the shift from logic to knowing to doing exactly what is right. … [Read more...]

Are You Seeking A Spiritual Mentor & Guide?

We all need guidance and support in our lives, if we did not, we would be experiencing this human life alone, not with 7 billion other people. Every successful person you admire, seen, read and heard about that has a lifestyle that you desire has … [Read more...]

What does your personal transformation look like?

Do you imagine her to be messy, dark and intense? Do you imagine her to be seductive, gentle and liberating? Do you imagine her to speak her truth and shine forth into the world? Do you imagine her open herself up to receive wisdom and … [Read more...]

Entering A New Gateway To Personal Transformation

December 29th I closed my private practice. This was a huge gateway into an entirely new domain for me. It was a massive business and personal decision, but one that asked for me to be open and willing to do what I felt was true to my own personal … [Read more...] Protection Status