Are You Looking For Rainbows?

I drove down the road and spotted the sun bursting through the grey clouds, it had just poured rain and the thunder cleared the static energy.

I started to get excited and the little girl inside of me started grinning from ear to ear, I started to search the sky for rainbows! There it was, off in the distance, a bright huge rainbow! I pulled over my car to this side of the road and sat giddy, beaming at the sight of the incredible beauty that stood before me. All the colors that make up this world showered itself in a perfect formation of a half circle.

A middle aged woman walked by, heavy paced, looking at the pavement, oblivious to the glorious display of life brilliantly glowing in the sky, magic displayed for anyone with eyes to see. But she did not see the same rainbow that I searched for and found.

I look for rainbows, I seek them out, I understand what it takes to make one, I ask for them, and sometimes I create them. When you look for the qualities inherent in a rainbow it’s not magic, but knowing how the stage is set to create one. The same is true in your onlinepharmacytabs business, love life and finances. 

Whatever provides you the desired outcome should be what you are focusing in on to get the results you desire and want. If what you have been doing no longer serves you, no longer provides a return on investment, time or energy, then change course. BUT when you know it takes 3 steps to manifest a new client, a new JV, radio interview, etc, what are you not adding into your desire to create your rainbow?

Self limiting beliefs can hold you back, shrink you to fit someone else’s box or deflate you because you do not feel worthy. Remember the moments when you did shine, and harness that energy, that brightness, that pure potential of Self and start looking for rainbows everywhere, they are there, you just have to look behind the clouds of deception and lack.

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