Deborah Skye King
Deborah Skye King Soul TherapistI love this planet and all she has to offer. Since my awakening at 6 years old to parallel realities and simultaneous experiences my depth of connection to the universe has inspired me  to delve deeper into Earth’s origins and research her lost civilizations which I began at age 11.

When I was 14 I traveled to the Yucantan Penisula in Mexico and experienced the Ancient Maya firsthand. The first moment arriving at the Sacred Plaza in Chichen Itza had me consciously living in two world, my body of a 14 year old girl and that of a Maya Priestess, I was aware of myself in a simultaneous reality co-existing with me in conjunction with my present day self.  I walked the grounds at this Sacred Site as if it was my own and knew every corner, heard my brother speak from atop the Pyramid of Kukulan, saw children playing at the Cenote’ and saw in full daylight the ball court and all it’s players.

Each year as I leave the so-called civilized world to head down to the jungle to do research, write and be alone so I may listen in the silence of nature to my Council what it is I am to bring to humanity, where Earth is evolutionary and what my role is in what I can deliver to my clients and students takes center stage in my life. I am a dedicated and committed student of the cosmos, ever since I can remember I have been seeking out the constellations and our origins. It fascinates me to know that there are so many dimensions co-existing with our own and it is our job, so to speak, to awaken to them so we can fully participate in our co-creation.

We all carry a depth of vast expansiveness that dwells within and it is my goal to bring that vast wealth of knowledge to the surface for you so you can experience your greatness. For 28 years I have been leading, participating, researching and have been pulled to Sacred Sites around the world to claim parts of myself, remember my stories that remind me of the brilliance of our Earth experience and awaken our Divinity within.

My purpose is to connect you to your Divine Self, enhancing your sensory awareness, clarity of mind, inner peace and create greater abundance financially and emotional well being. It is attainable and available to you, sight unseen or felt at present maybe, but a reality that I have supported hundreds of women globally to experience.  I connect you to your Soul so you may hear your truth.

My Mission is to eradicate fear and suffering from the human conditioning.

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