Uluru- Australia: Awakening The Sacred Feminine Serpent For Generational Healing


March 20 -27 2017 Uluru Australia

Stay at 4.5 star Desert Garden Hotel in Uluru, daily songline gatherings to empower, awaken and embody what is being asked by the Great Mother to active planetary healing.


Do you desire to travel with purpose experience powerful heart awakenings, heal lifetimes of generational trauma and open your mind to a whole new level of living?
Join me in this unprecedented world gathering of women in Uluru- Australia.
Awakening The Sacred Feminine Serpent
Here in the Dreamtime is where you will awaken deep compassion for understanding how to do planetary healing via the Songlines. 
* You will have to be in good physical shape to join this sacred journey.
 Uluru Australia Equinox March 20 – 27 2017

Uluru Australia is one of the most sacred Aboriginal sites that is 600 million years old. The Dreamtime origins are prominent here at Uluru as the spirit people here at the sandstone monolith is evident. Spiritual energy amongst the songlines is vibrant here, a living library of earthly vibrations that emanate between the rock, water and sky. Here the ancient peoples of the Dreamtime live amongst the dreamers.

Uluru is a powerful healing centre sitting along Earth’s major energy grid that connects to power centres forming a circuitry of energies that aligns to the moon, sun and constellations at particular cycles of the rotation of Earth’s orbit.

Stories are held deep within the Earth, called Songlines

These Songlines inhabit a realm of reality that shared via ceremony, dance, ritual and through sound by the ancient ones, the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. There are over 40 sacred sites and 11 Dreaming trails or Tjurkurpa.

The Anangu people belong to the oldest culture known to man dating back 60,000 years.
Uluru and Kata Tjuta are traditional lands where ceremonies and rites of passages, initiations have been ongoing for over 20,000 years.

Early morning gatherings to anchor into the Songlines to enter into the Dreamtime for planetary healing.
Each day will be a meditative exploration into the heart of the Dreamtime, Gaia and into your ability to meet your Spirit Guides. You will be energetically realigned, cleared, activated to receive healing throughout the week and create new neuro-pathways in your brain so that you are no longer are unconsciously living but consciously awake in the Dreamtime.
This awakening will position you to live passionately in alignment with your core purpose- the one you have chosen to embody prior to incarnating. You will clearly understand what is needed in your life to embrace, remove and anchor into this new embodiment. Your vibration as it is currently will alter to a much higher one allowing you to feel reality as it is desiring to be created. Your old paradigm and conditional thinking will be altered, generational patterns and trauma will be cleared during this week long sacred awakening. Time will stop as you enter into the Dreamtime. One day will become one week. This is a sacred calling to all women who know in their hearts that you are destined to walk the Earth in harmony, with compassion and support the healing of the Great Mother. Healing will take place for your generational lineage. Water pathways: rivers, lakes, bays and oceans will be cleared of ancestral pains and traumas. Geopathic stress lines and the ancestors of where you live will be looked into so that you can live in harmony and respect the land you live on and with. Insects, plants, herbs, trees, animals all of these will be placed into our council meetings to heal planetary genocide. We can no longer stand by, witness and accept that are ‘prayers’ will change the fabric and altercation of how desperate this planet has become.
Fear reigns and controls you- why?  Why do you allow it to? Why do you feel helpless and disempowered to change your experience? Everything is energy – every single thing, seen and unseen. When you understand how energy works and the ancient laws that govern the stratosphere of your mind, body, heart and soul, you will then be fully empowered to change ANYTHING in your life. Until you recognise this and live your life by this standard and pass on these values to your children, friends, family members, you will not change and either will the world you ‘dream’ of living in. Time to awaken from your dreaming and begin to live in the dream. 
If you feel called, sign up now. You can pay in full or place a deposit to secure your spot.
When you are awake you have a clear awareness of what you need to do, when to do it and the how comes to you. We will be having daily gatherings to connect with our planets ancestral spirits. 

All deposits are non-transferrable.

We will be walking in the outback daily- transportation will be provided for each of the daily destinations.

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