13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings for Women

May 2, 2017 @ 2:00 pm
Deborah Skye King

“Each woman has a story to tell, a hidden mystical realm where the unseen and unknown ask to be heard, seen and loved. She knew this part of herself when she was a mystical child, the unseen was her world.

Join the founder of The 13 Mystical Wisdom Teachings ~ Apprenticeship Training for Women, Deborah Skye King as she shares a story of how your true authentic self yearns to break free in a world where she is truly felt, seen, heard and understood for who she is, not who she is told she should be in the world.

During the apprenticeship training, each woman experiences powerful life transformations that liberate her beliefs, understandings, family patterns, ideologies and life expectations to meet her true self, the embodied feminine who intuitively knows and listens to her own desires, cycles and can see into the world of shadows with her light.

One woman’s recent comment from last week’s retreat “I never knew I could find my purpose in the world, now I have, I know my soul purpose and it has renewed my spirit in this world.””

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